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Shelfari -Website Review

Well a couple of days ago i got invited to shelfari.com

shelfari is a website that

  • you can put books you have read
  • favorites
  • Make friends
  • join clubs
  • write reviews
  • make your own club
  • compete with your friends on who read the most book ( like am doing with natalie..she’s cheating)
  • See other people who have read the same book that you have
  • get a profile that you can tell o thers about yourself
  • addictive
  • fun

Here is my page ……. where to go to get an idea of what it is like http://www.shelfari.com/oothy

I think it would be so awesome if there was a website like that for movies

its a great website and am sure you’ll like,,,,,,,,,,,i ‘ll see you there and don’t forget to add me as a friend and join my group : I always have a book with me


2 Responses to “Shelfari -Website Review”

  1. I am not cheating! =P

  2. XD

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