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Teen Review: Eragon

Title: eragon
Author: christopher paolini

What type of book is this?
Its a fantasy

Summarize the book (without giving away the ending):
A poor farm boy named Eragon is out hunting for winter meat when he finds a mysterious object which he thinks in a stone but later on finds out that is a dragon egg. through out the book he goes through many hard ships but his uncle gets mudered will eragon ever find the killers and avinge his uncles death or will it stick to his contious forever…
How did the book affect you?
it made me think about how things would be if dragons were real
Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

heck yeah this book was so good i could barely keep my hands off of it it excieting and seems to always have something new happeing

Reviewed by D’Andrea


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