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Teen Review: Marked: A House of Night Novel

Review by: Christian Graves, 17

Title: Marked: A House Of Night Novel
Author: P. C. Cast

What type of book is this?

Vampire, Romance, Adventure

Summarize the book (without giving away the ending):

Zoey Is your average hish school student. She has boy troubles, Heath to be specific, and other things to worry about like geometry. Well, she did until the tracker came to her school looking for her. She was marked, her uncaring parents are blaming her, she has to get to The House Of Night ( the vampyre school) and to top it off her parents won’t let her leave even though it could very well cost her her life. After sneaking out to see her Granda, who understands her and cares for her, she gets to her house. after finding the note on the door and, as she is looking for her grandma, she trips and hits her head and has an encounter with Nix( the vampyre Goddess), who has decided to bless her wih incredible powers. After the recovery she finds herself at The House of Night. and her adventures just continue while she’s there. She meets the most popular guy in the school, Erik, and he seems to like her.

How did the book affect you?

It gave me a different view of vampyres. Also it showed me that you shouildn’t be narrow minded about your religion.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

Yes, I would recommend this book to others who like a great story and  a “can’t keep your hands off” book. It kept me interested thoughout the entire book. If you do enjoy this book I would also like to recommend the following books: Betrayed and Chosen.


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