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Breaking Dawn Release Party!!!

Okay Twilight Fans, we’ve got fantastic news for you!

We were lucky enough to receive 1 of only 100 kits filled with fun fan stuff for a Breaking Dawn Release Party!

We have buttons, stickers, a DVD with the Movie Trailer, and fun trivia questions!! They also sent us a CD Rom game to find out if your true self allies with Jacob or Edward!

The Party will be August 5th at 2 p.m.

Come on out for fun and games!!

Leave a comment casting your vote for your favorite Twilight character!


5 Responses to “Breaking Dawn Release Party!!!”

  1. Edward is my fav.

  2. I vote for Rosalie

  3. My favorite character in the Twilight series is Alice Cullen!! She is so happy and in good humor, it makes me laugh. Not to mention she’s a fierce fighter. Alice is my vampire chick!

  4. My fave character is Emmett, if he was real, I would want him to be my person teddy bear! 😀

  5. I have to change my vote after Reading Breaking Dawn. I liked Rosalie before beucase she didn’t like Bella. But she annoyed me in Breaking Dawn and I think I’d have to vote for Alice now, or Jasper, or Jacob.

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