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Winners of the Friends Writing Contest

The Friends of the Leesburg Library have announced the winners of their creativing writing competition.

High school

1st place – “My Angel”
Nichole Vanderpool — East Ridge High School

2nd place – “The Proposal”
Julia Sexton — Eustis High School

3rd place – “Angels on Earth”
Natasha Vashist — East Ridge High School

Read the Winning Essays ONLINE!!!

Middle school

1st place – “Down the Country Road…”
Krishna Hanubal — Lake Montessori and Learning Institute

2nd place – “Jinx”
Katherine Kurz — Windy Hill Middle School

3rd place – “Road of Realization”
Cheyenne Freeman – Clermont Middle school

The winners will take home cash prizes.

Read the Winning Essay’s ONLINE!!!


2 Responses to “Winners of the Friends Writing Contest”

  1. Please check the spelling of my daughter’s name- Katherine Kurz, 2nd place winner, middle school. It should be KURZ. Thank you for your helping, and for holding the writing contest.
    -Karen Kurz

  2. Congratulations to my neice, Katie Kurz, and to all of the other kids who participated in the writing contest. I loved reading “Jinx” and look forward to being able to read the other stories when posted.
    Eric Lindhorst

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