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Read Princess Diaries Online

Apparently you can read all of the Princess Diaries online at the Harper Collins website. Let me know if you actually read the whole book online.

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6 Responses to “Read Princess Diaries Online”

  1. no its just a preview like the first 53 pgs or somtin like that

  2. if anyone can find any of the princess diaries series as a pdf file that would be great thanks! please email celenalala@aim.com. i already have books 4, 5, 8, and 10 on pdf and if anyone wants them contact me.

    I know it might take time out of your day to email it over, but i would really appreciate it! we can do a trade, if you like, for any of the books ive mentioned, plus the whole mediator series by meg cabot, stargirl by jerry spinelli, avalon high by meg cabot (REALLY GOOD), and midnight sun preview for twilight- stephenie meyer. and thats it. oh and an expert from book one but thats not very good.

  3. i need to find all of the princess diaries books desperatley !!
    cause i read the first one and it was good and i need to find the second one before i get bored and stop reading them cause there really good

  4. hey i was just wondering if u could help me
    by telling me where i could buy the books
    cause i desperatly want to read these books

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