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Teen Review: Living Dead Girl, by Elizabeth Scott

I finished the first night I read it, Living Dead Girl. In like 2 hours, with interuptions. It is about this girl that is 15 now and she lives with a man named Ray who claims to be her father who kidnapped her from the aquarium when she was on a class field trip when she was 10. And for 5 years after that she has lived with him. And whenever people ask why she is there, he just tells them she is his homeschoolled daughter. He keeps her really skinny, he hardly lets her eat anything but yogurt and water because she is turning into a teenager and he wants to keep her a little girl. He makes her wear little girl clothes too. She has become real cynical towards the world because of everything that has happened to her. He changed her name from Kala to Alice, he figures out that he has had two or three Alice’s before her that he killed and their parents. She just wantst o leave but she can’t.

I liked it. I was really good. Because it was something that will probably never happen to you but you can relate to it because it is so realistic.

I would recommend it to a friend. In fact I already have given it to two friends. We spent hours discussing it. One hasn’t finished it yet but she has said what she has read was really good.

I don’t really know. Don’t talk to strangers.

Anyone, a teenager an adult could read it and like it. Not really a child’s book. Probably a girl would like it more because they would understand how much they wouldn’t want this to happen to them.

By Sara


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