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Shmoop wants to make you a better lover (of literature, history, poetry and writing). See many sides to the argument. Find your writing groove. Understand how lit and history are relevant today. We want to show your brain a good time.

Pop Quiz: What Can Shmoop Do for You?
A. Help me figure out what the h@$% to write on my paper
B. Make studying less of a snooze-fest
C. Give me ammo to speak intelligently in class
D. Blow my teacher’s mind with video, audio, photos, and web links on the topics we’re studying
E. Help me impress dates with my big, juicy brain

(Answer: All of the above. But, you saw that coming, right?)


2 Responses to “Shmoop”

  1. Hi from Shmoop. Thanks for the post! Here is a link to our site: Shmoop

  2. I love shmoop! it’s helped me so much on books for school! it makes books like a tale of two cities and emma sound funny and enjoyable to read.

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