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My first day…

My name is Micha Preest and I hail from Columbus, Ohio. I came here to work for the Library for my senior internship, and today was my first day.

I met my mentor, Jacob Starks and he introduced me to some of the staff. Wow, I am really embarrassed. I remember Claudia and that’s it. “She speaks Spanish better than any Spanish-speaking person in here.” said Jacob. I would like to experience that.

Today I shelved kids books and DVDs, made a poster for the ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ party, and sat in the Teen room reading a book of Zen (which I could not follow) while Jacob was at lunch.

Leesburg is very different from Columbus Metropolitan Library. CML is much stricter in that they have passcards for everything. I worked at the Main library downtown  and there is much less–dare I say–personable behavior between staff and patrons. I like that there seems to be a much more open relationship between reader and librarian at Leesburg.

Anyways, they asked me to write this, so thank you LPL for taking me in for 8 hours a day, 4 days a week, for the next 8 weeks.



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