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Many events…

There are tons of events coming up!

First, on Wednesday, February 24th, the Library will be having Anime Club. Come watch and discuss your favorite anime movies!

It just gets better, though. March 7th-13th, the Library will be hosting Teen Tech Week!!!! Come and enjoy the technology of the Library.

We will be doing battling robots (Monday and Tuesday), Animoto movies (Wednesday) duct tape phone covers (Thursday), and on Sunday we will be watching and I quote: “THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TECH TIME, CAPITAL T CAPITAL R CAPITAL O CAPITAL N…TRON!!!!”

Teen Tech will be great. Come visit the library that week!

The Festival of Reading is also coming up. Lasting from March 17th-20th, the Festival will include writing workshops, guest authors, and a reception on Friday evening. Some featured authors are

  • Lucienne Diver (author of the “Vamped” series)
  • Elaine Viets
  • John Henry Fleming

Join us! These are going to be great programs!

Here is the link for Festival of Reading:




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