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Teen Review: Tangerine

tagerine, ed bloorTitle: Tangerine
Author: Edward Bloor

What type of book is this?
Young Adult

Summarize the book (without giving away the ending):
Tangerine is about a boy named Paul who is a nerd with bad eyesight. When he was little he was told that the reason for this was that he had stared at an eclipse for to long, but he never recalled. so he moves down to Florida with his family. He goes to a new school in Florida where he makes new friends and starts one the Lake Windsor soccer team. He is soon kicked off due to his eyesight. So he goes off to Tangerine Middle and plays on their soccer team. Paul finnaly finds out what really destroys his eyesight and is a stronger person because of it.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
Yes, because its a good book.

Reviewed by Jordan T.


2 Responses to “Teen Review: Tangerine”

  1. This book was aawweessooooooommee!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this book is so aweeeeessooommmeeee! that i can read it in my sleep a thousand times. If i had lots of copies of this book, i would tell everybody to read it.

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